Jabra Speak 410

اسپیکرفون جبرا مدل 410

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میکروفن قدرتمند 360 درجه ، مناسب برای ویدئو کنفرانس ، اتصال از طریق USB ، راه اندازی آسان ، طراحی قابل حمل ، سازگاری بالا

محصولات مرتبط

میکروفن قدرتمند 360 درجه

The 360-degree microphone pick up sound at all angles

مناسب برای ویدئو کنفرانس

Clearer conversations, The outstanding sound quality in the Jabra Speak 410 Speakerphone ensures everyone is heard during conference calls, making your meeting more efficiently

اتصال از طریق USB

The Jabra Speak 410 has an integrated USB cable that can be easily and quickly connected to any available USB port on a PC or power-supplied hub

راه اندازی آسان

No IT required. Setup and use of these Bluetooth speakers is a breeze, just connect and dial-in. Compatible with all leading UC platforms

طراحی قابل حمل

Slim, compact design, With a convenient carrying case for use while on-the-go and a slim, compact design, you can bring this speaker anywhere you are

سازگاری بالا

Works with many devices, Plug into your mobile phone, softphone or whatever device you have. The Speak 510 speakerphone works with many types of devices for conference calls and streaming multimedia

مشخصات فنی


Built-in omni-directional microphone: 360 degree coverage enabling hands-free collaboration & allowing attendees to hear and be heard from all angles

Digital signal processing (DSP ) technology: Crystal clear sound without echoes or distorted sounds even at maximum volume level

Wideband audio/HD Voice: High-quality audio for the best possible sound

Bluetooth A2DP: No


USB cable: Plug-and-play connectivity to PC softphone/UC systems

Full compatibility with UC systems & VoIP clients: Seamless integration and call control with leading UC systems/PC softphones, such as Microsoft Lync, IBM Sametime, Cisco, Avaya and Skype

Ease of use

LED indicators: Intuitive user interface

Jabra Direct: Easy softphone integration. Configure Jabra Speak 410 via Jabra Direct

قدرت خروجی
میکروفن داخلی
دارد (Omni-Directional)
دارد (USB 2.0)
باطری داخلی

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