4K Webcam (USB3.0 + HDMI) - CAM-4KU3A

وب کم 4K مدل CAM-4KU3A

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تصویر باکیفیت 4K ، دارای خروجی HDMI ، سنسور 8 مگا‌پیکسلی با لنز واید و فوکوس خودکار ، قابلیت زوم و حرکت دیجیتال دوربین (EPTZ) ، میکروفون داخلی دوگانه با قابلیت حذف نویز

محصولات مرتبط

تصویر با کیفیت 4K

4K ultra HD support, max up to 4K@30fps video output, down compatible with 1080P,720P

خروجی USB3.0 و HDMI (هم‌زمان)

Full functional USB 3.0 connection, power supply, video and audio all in one and support 1 streaming USB +1 streaming
HDMI (option), built-in MIC and LINE IN is optional

سنسور 8 مگا‌پیکسلی با لنز واید و فوکوس خودکار

Sensor: 1/2.5’’ CMOS, Effective Pixel: 8.5 Mega Pixels / (f=3.5mm) Wide-Angle field of view: 84° / Support Autofocus)

میکروفون داخلی دوگانه با قابلیت حذف نویز

Built-in two sensitive microphones, up to 6meters, Omnidirection voice pickup, noise suppressing algorithm with excellent audio output

قابلیت زوم و حرکت دیجیتال دوربین (EPTZ)

Support Digital UVC Pan tilt zoom control (EPTZ)

سایر قابلیت ها

Support WDR, can handle diferent lighting environmemt
Low Light
Star-level ultra high S/N ratio CMOS image sensor can efectively reduce the noise in low Illumination, along with the 2D and 3D noise reduction algorithm,can signifcantly reducing the noise. Even in an ultra low illumination , camera can still output a high performance image with signal noise ratio up to 55dB or more
Easy Installation
Equiped with damping rotary shaft bracket, to meet the market almost 100% of the display, easy to install, stable and reliable

مشخصات فنی

Sensor:  1/2.5’’, CMOS, Effective Pixel: 8.5Mega Pixels
Lens:  Focus: f=3.5mm,wide-angle field of view: 84°(support Autofocus)
Min. illumination:  0.5 Lux @ (F1.8, AGC ON)
Shutter Speed:  1/30s ~ 1/10000s
White balance:  Auto,Indoor,Outdoor,One push,Manual
Camera Mount:  Standard damping rotating shaft bracket
Digital Noise Reduction:  2D, 3D digital noise reduction
Backlight Compensation:  Support

USB Specification
:OS Support
Windows® 7 (Only 1080P or lower is supported), Windows8.1, Windows 10... / macOS™ 10.10 ... / Linux (Required for support UVC) / Android
:Hardware Requirement
CPU: 2.4 GHz Intel® Core 2 Duo Processor or higher
RAM: 2 GB memory or lager
USB 2.0 interface(4K required for USB 3.0)
Color space/compression:  YUY2 / MJPG / H.264
:Video Standard
4K@30fps/25fps, 1080P@30fps/25fps, 720P@30fps/25fps, 960x540P@30fps/25fps, 640x360P@30fps/25fps
USB Video Communication Agreement:  UVC 1.1
UVC PTZ control:  Support(EPTZ)

Input/ Output Interface
HDMI Port:  1 channel, HDMI: version 1.4
USB Port:  1 way, USB 3.0, type B, female

General Specifications
Input Voltage:  5V(USB Power supply)
Input Current:  0.6A(max.)
Operating Temperature:  -10°C ~ 40°C,95%RH
Storage Temperature:  -40°C ~ 60°C,95%RH
Power Consumption:  3.0W(max.)
Size:  194mm x 34mm x 42mm(not contain bracket)N.W. 0.5 Kg
Average fault-free time:  >30000h

کیفیت تصویر
4K Ultra HD (4K@30fps)
("CMOS 1/2.5) 8.5 Mega Pixels
فوکوس اتوماتیک
میکروفن داخلی
دارد (استریو)
حذف نویز
دارد (USB 3.0)
دارد (دیجیتال)
چرخش (PTZ)
دارد (دیجیتال - EPTZ)
سایر قابلیت‌ها
Plug and Play, Wide Angle View, Support WDR, Omni Directional Stereo Microphones, Reduce the noise in low Illumination, 2D and 3D noise reduction algorithm, Easy Installation

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